The venue is beautiful, typical Italian precision to detail at its finest but even better, the food, the drinks and the IMPECCABLE service.

My now husband and I had our wedding reception at Nicotra’s Ballroom below Above. This past July we had our wedding in central jersey (where we live) and drove out to Staten Island for the reception. It was so worth it. The venue is beautiful, typical Italian precision to detail at its finest but even better, the food, the drinks and the IMPECCABLE service. The servers, Mater di, Hostess, bridal attendants were all top of the line and all of our guests went on to tells us for months after. They offer you house Dj’s, photographers, bakers, florists, etc. I had all my own from Jersey but the house DJ WAS AMAZING. PARTNERS IN SOUND. My guests still haven’t stopped talking about the music and huge dance party that occurred 🙂 The grounds are beautiful, the back drop was filled with huge lit up trees giving the feel of a forest wedding and if you want the skyline then ABOVE, the venue room “above” this room, is for you.

- Nicole P.
My husband and I had an amazing time and were treated like royalty all day; from getting ready at the hotel, to the beautiful outside ceremony, to the delicious cocktail hour and of course the fabulous reception.

My husband and I got married at Nicotra’s Ballroom July 16,2017. It was truly a dream come true! I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Finch who went above and beyond for us. Everyone at the sales office was extremely professional and helpful. My amazing maĂ®tre d Tom, bridal attendant Sabrina, and Jennifer made sure my day ran smooth and was the fairy tale wedding I had envisioned it to be. My husband and I had an amazing time and were treated like royalty all day; from getting ready at the hotel, to the beautiful outside ceremony, to the delicious cocktail hour and of course the fabulous reception. I still have guests raving about the food, service, and the beautiful grounds. We couldn’t be happier with our choice of venue and truly recommend it to everyone

- Diana
This was my husbands and I 3rd venue to look at , but it felt like the most obvious choice to pick

The Hilton is a venue/hotel that will surprise you in many ways. This was my husbands and I 3rd venue to look at , but it felt like the most obvious choice to pick. Every bride has there check list , the Hilton Garden Inn Staten Island ( Nicotra’s Ballroom ) will most likely fulfill them and more . Our Check list 1. Large venue ( fitting 275 guest + “comfortably ” which is the key word) 2. Large Cocktail Room , with enough seating for guest. ( keep in mind venues will say they can fit 200+ , but in reality , there isn’t enough seating for all of your guest , they will have tall tables and ladies ,we all want to sit down when we have those high heel on ) 3. Shots allowed – Some venues will not allow shots for your guest . 4. Pricing ( ladies and gentlemen one of the biggest cost with your wedding ) My biggest advice , don’t go Hall hunting until you factor in the , Plate Cost( Including Tax and Gratuity ) x Guest Total = 1. Prices of Plates for the Weekend and Month ( Friday Saturday and Sunday ) – Wait for it , price does not change on the day/ month you pick at the Hilton ! You don’t have to negotiate a price for a certain day you prefer . This was the biggest relief ever ! 1. Big Dance floor 2. 2-3 Bars 3. On site grounds to take photos 4. Top notch Food 5. Hotel connected to venue ” very important to consider when you have guest out of town ” , If this doesn’t matter to you , understand this saves you a lot of money , we didn’t have to worry about paying for a shuttle service . As also your guest could go right upstairs and fall asleep . 7. Breakfast / restaurant for the guest the next day . 8. Location ( my husband is from Staten Island and I was from Monmouth county NJ) Other things on our list that we didn’t think to consider that the Hilton included – Wedding Cake / bakery included into price , Ice sculpture included , They assemble your sweetheart table , Tasting day with all meals My husband and I had a 320+ guest list , and the Hilton had more than enough room to seat the guest comfortable. We ended up with a 275 Guest Total in the end . Jennifer was our wedding coordinator and she has the patience of a Saint . She is on top of her game. Jennifer is there to remind you of all the things you need to do for the wedding to run smoothly . She is a very busy women , so always make an appointment to meet with her or email . The Hilton gave us the Trevi Garden for the cocktail hour , absolutely beautiful ! It fit all our guest and especially seated all our 250+ guest at a seated table . Amazing food ! I didn’t have one complaint about the food and honestly you won’t , the food at the Hilton is amazing . Cake was awesome ! Service was outstanding ! Price is amazing and you won’t be able to beat it for the quality of food you are getting . Location awesome ! Venue is huge ! Grounds are absolutely gorgeous, we took pictures on site and it saved us so much time ! Hotel convenience was amazing ! Dance floor was huge ! Also we were given the Nicotra’s ballroom ( 3 sections of it ) to fit all our guest. My husband and I paid for our guest breakfast the next morning .Service went well , my only negative comment would be about the Hilton is that the breakfast service waitress , were rushing me and my guest out . There might have been an event happening that day and I’m unsure if that was the reason. Don’t hesitate to check it out , call up / make an appointment , and just get prices before making many final decisions.

- Jennifer R.
I have been to a lot of weddings in my lifetime but this wedding tops them all!

My Husband and I got married at Nicotra’s Ballroom in November. When we got engaged, we spoke about not wanting to travel far for ourselves and our guests. We wanted something close and extravagant and Nicotra’s Ballroom was the perfect place for us. Our Wedding planner Sue was nothing but Awesome. She was willing to do anything to help us make our day special. She always answered our million questions in a timely manner and she made sure our Wedding day ran smoothly. Nicotra’s Ballroom set a beautiful ambiance with the most scenic up lighted woods. The service was impeccable and the food was absolutely delicious. Our guests had the option of staying overnight in the Hilton Hotel, and the morning after we had a delicious brunch with all our loved ones that stayed the night. Our Wedding was a dream come true! We had the greatest experience and so did our guests. We had about approx. 290 people at our Wedding and the phone calls did not stop! My husband’s uncle came up to us and said “I have been to a lot of weddings in my lifetime but this wedding tops them all!” Believe me when I say he wasn’t the only one! We can’t thank everyone enough at Nicotra’s ballroom for helping us make our Wedding day magical and the best day of our lives! If we could do it again we would be using Nicotra’s Ballroom!

- Michelle P.
It Truly Was The Most Incredible Day

Hands down, the best decision we made while wedding planning was to have our reception at Nicotra’s. We worked very closely with Sue during the entire process, who was phenomenal beyond words. Sue was the one to answer my initial e-mail inquiring about coming to check out the venue, she guided us through the venue and package options, she sealed the deal and navigated us through the entire process. Her expertise and ability to predict all needs/concerns is uncanny. (I swear she can almost read minds!) To make it even better, she is the kindest and absolute easiest person to work with. Always available via phone, e-mail or an in-person drop by. Every step of wedding planning was enjoyable and my husband and I feel truly blessed to have had such an incredible experience. But why stop here! I must also give a tremendous shout out to our bridal attendant, Victoria and our Maitre’d, Tom, who were rockstars!! Honestly – every staff member at Nicotra’s/Hilton were top-notch, on-point, courteous, professional and a delight. (We even got to meet Mr. & Mrs. Nicotra a few times and we enjoyed our conversation with them very much. It meant a lot to see how vested they are in their business and that they still give it a personal touch.) …I really can write on forever, but I will leave just a few more comments. The food was sinfully delicious, (compliments are still rolling in from our guests and our wedding was back in October 2017,) the grounds are manicured beautifully and served as the perfect backdrop for all of our photos, and the ballroom views were breathtaking at night – looking out into the perfectly uplighted woods through floor to ceiling windows! The hotel rooms were great for all of our overnight guests, (approx 70 people.) Oh, and how can I forget the wonderful brunch we got to have with everyone the morning after! That was special because we got to savor a few extra moments with all our loved ones from afar, right back downstairs by the ballroom! Again, I could go on and on but just trust me when I say you cannot go wrong with having your wedding here. It truly was the most incredible day, made even better by Sue and the staff at Nicotra’s Ballroom!

- Denise M
Our only regret is that we can't relive that amazing night!

From the very first day we went to visit until the morning after our wedding and beyond, our experience has been great. We never felt pressured or concerned working with event planner Sue. She’s very professional, friendly, and always quick to answer your questions. We clicked from the start. They cover all the bases for any type of party and try to accommodate you and your guests with whatever is needed. Our guests enjoyed the food and had a blast. We’re still getting compliments about it today. Our only regret is that we can’t relive that amazing night.

- Patricia
a little help goes a long way and it is a blessing to have the Nicotras staff by your side

My husband and I got married on October 30, 2016, we immediately fell in love with Nicotras Trevi Garden. The space matched my Halloween Wedding perfectly, the room was absolutely gorgeous. Our wedding planner Jenn from day one was on point, planning a wedding is prettystressful and she made sure everything went smoothly. That being said, I thought I was going to lose it when she said she was pregnant and would be out on maternity weeks prior to our wedding. Fortunately for us, Jenn was not the only asset to Nicotras, Gina picked up and kept everything rolling just as smooth. We had two amazing women working with us. I am very big on details and they executed everything brilliantly. We went with Jenns recommendation for DJ (Platinum) and Photographer (Joey G) and they were phenomenal as well. A little note to all of the future Mr & Mrs, you’re about to spend months planning the first step in your journey together, your day will FLY by faster than you can imagine… a little help goes a long way and it is a blessing to have the Nicotras staff by your side…. and don’t forget to eat!!

- Katherine A
I Am Beyond Happy and Grateful!!

Seriously, not a thing went wrong. How many people can truly say that and mean it? We owe our wedding perfection to Sue Vaiana and the Nicotra’s Ballroom team! From answering my incessant questions in the planning stages, making helpful suggestions, helping me out withvendors, making last minute decisions for me right before the wedding so that I didn’t have to think about it….the customer service was out of this world! I seriously did not have a bridezilla moment because my day was in great hands. The space looked GORGEOUS, the food during the cocktail hour was wonderful (so I heard over and over) and our reception food was delicious! I cannot rave enough about this place. I am beyond happy and grateful!!

- Darianna C
I couldn't find a complaint if I tried

My husband and I got married just this past Saturday at Nicotras. I don’t know if I can accurately explain how grateful I am for this whole experience. We booked our wedding in 2015 immediately after falling in love with the grounds and the Ballroom. Sue Vaiana is the events planner and she is amazing. I swear she might actually live there. The attention to detail that she has is incredible. When I forgot something, she reminded me, any question I had, she found my answer. Mr. and Mrs. Nicotra even came to congratulate me during cocktail hour and tell me how thankful they were for my kind words and patronage of their business. Even the vendors that were recommended were spectacular and beyond friendly and accommodating. The day before my wedding was hectic to say the least and Sue and my Bridal attendant Jackie were essential to the whole process. The food was phenomenal, the staff is friendly and welcoming. I couldn’t find a complaint if I tried. The level of professionalism is unprecedented. My next big event, there is no one else I’d rather call on than Sue and the staff at Nicotra’s.

- Shannon R
Everything Was Perfect

I had my wedding here a couple of months ago and everything was perfect. There are several nice rooms that are accommodating and all beautifully set up. Sue made sure everything was done as requested and had no problems putting in special request to make the day unforgettable. They are great to work with and are very easy going!

- Noel C.
Nothing Will Top This Location

Its been 1 year and two months since my wedding and til this day im still amazed by all the love and respect we have gotten from the Nicotra’s family. My wedding day was an absolutely fairytale , Sue made sure every last detail was above par. She was amazing and settling to work with and boy is that venue lucky to have her! The photos were all done on the premises with endless unique mind blowing photo sectors set up all around the huge property!!! The food was royalty worthy and dont get me started on my venetian hr that is still talked about to this day. After the day was done we were escorted to our suites were our custom made pajamas along with every dish, dessert and horderve that was served and champagne . Top shelf everything at the bar, my husband is a liquor snob and did not like the tequila options so sue had special cases ordered, i mean i can go on forever! Im just a working class gal from bensonhurst who handed the ball to kick off the next chapter in my life to Nicotra’s and man what a touchdown. They made sure that everything was perfect. A year later i get another personalized gift from the Nicotra’s family. I love them so much i want to work there. Dont bother looking any further nothing will top this location. With much love and respect The Bergens Xoxo

- Pauline B
Thanks to everyone at the Hilton Garden Inn for doing your jobs so well

Thank you and Mr. & Mrs. Nicotra so much for the thoughtful box of chocolates…they’re delicious. CONGRATULATIONS to everyone at the Hilton Garden Inn for such a wonderful anniversary!

I can’t believe Moran has been coming to the Hilton Garden Inn for so many years. The Moran Company is over 160 years old and one of our locations is located at 2015 Richmond Terrace on Staten Island, which makes us local veterans. We’ve been holding our annual training events for many years before and when we saw that the Hilton Garden Inn was coming ­ to Staten Island, we were more than thrilled! The timing of the Hilton Garden Inn coming to Staten Island was perfect for us, otherwise during that time we would have been forced off Staten Island to another location.

I have stayed at many Hilton properties throughout the country over the last 25 years and I must say that the Hilton Garden Inn at Staten Island is way at the top of being one of the best in the Hilton family. What has been created and maintained by all of you at the Hilton Garden Inn is the very reason we have chosen your hotel for all of the past years and is also why we always want to continue to return for many years to come.

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everyone making us all feel like part of the “Family” atmosphere that exists at your hotel. We can’t thank all of you enough for your professionalism and how you are always so accommodating to all of our needs beginning with the scheduling and planning of the events, to the arrival at the hotel, everything in-between including all the way thorough to when we all check out to return either back home or work. I must also mention that it is so wonderful to see Mr. & Mrs. Nicotra present at the hotel on a frequent basis and for both of them taking the time and effort to notice us and just popping in to say hello.

Thanks to everyone at the Hilton Garden Inn for doing your jobs so well, keep up the excellent work and we wish you all the best of luck and happiness for many decades to come!

p.s. thank you and Mr./Mrs. Nicotra so much for allowing the use of the “Rooftop” meeting space for this week’s event. It goes to show how you are all so accommodating to us. I would like to share that it was a pleasurable experience for all of us at Moran. We would be the first to volunteer to return to the “Rooftop” is you were running short on meeting space again©.

- Carlann