People are still raving about the food and the ballroom – even now!

“I had my wedding on April 13, 2013 at Nicotra’s Ballroom. Even before the wedding day, we received the utmost quality of service. Our sales executive, Jennifer Finch, worked with us every step of the way, offering suggestions when needed. On the day of the wedding, our Bridal Attendant and Maitre’d were so attentive and everything ran so smoothly! The food was absolutely delicious, the scenery was gorgeous and the Nicotra’s themselves were super nice. People are still raving about the food and the ballroom – even now! Our bridal suite was amazing and the Nicotra’s gave us an adorable basket with Mr. & Mrs. goodies! I would recommend this venue to any couple planning their wedding, whether they live on Staten Island or not!”
– Wedding, April 2013

I would not change a thing!

“Nicotra’s was amazing from start to finish! My husband and I booked our wedding with Sue (also amazing!) and from the first visit until after the wedding, we received exceptional service. Sue always kept us up to date and made sure we stayed on track with ALL of our planning and gave us very helpful advice when needed. Sue helped us make our guests feel at home, made sure dinner the night before the wedding for us and all of our guests went perfect, as well as brunch the day after the wedding. Our host and bridal attendant, Tom and Brianna, were absolutely outstanding! Anything we needed they had covered and then some! I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy after booking my wedding at Nicotra’s and was very upset about what I would be able to eat on my wedding day. Sue along with her amazing team was able to accommodate my allergy and made it seem effortless. I had gluten free appetizers, dinners, cake and desserts – whatever I wanted, they made sure I had it! Sue recommended we use house vendors; she did not push them on us or force us to use them. We ended up using their house vendors. Platinum Entertainment’s Anthony and Gary were fantastic and Joey G Photography’s Mike, Jimmy, and Joey were outstanding!!! Everything that entire weekend was PERFECT!! I would not change a thing! I recommended Nicotra’s Ballroom and Sue Vaiana to everyone for any occasion!”
– Wedding, September 2013

Truly above and beyond what was expected.

“Over a year later, and we are still getting compliments on our wedding. Sue V. was my wedding planner, and she was amazing. Beyond sweet, on the ball with every detail, organized, and overall a wonderful person. The staff on the day of the event was also amazing. Mr. and Mrs. Nicotra (the owners) even came to say hello and wish us their best. Our photographers were having trouble posing the group, and my bridal attendant stepped right in and started moving us around which allowed me to finally relax, and ultimately we got some great shots because of her.

We had the Tea House Garden for cocktail hour, and the rooms directly across for the reception. The food was outstanding, and abundant (understatement). Cocktails were flowing, the martini bar and ice sculptures were really amazing, and everyone was intrigued by the various food options available during the cocktail hour. The room was the perfect size, and the bar area was a ton of fun and the center point for the younger crowd. I had only about 130 people, and was so worried that the room was going to look empty, but with the excellent uplighting preferred vendor, Platinum Entertainment, the room was warm and inviting. The rug was impeccably clean, the dance floor blended in seamlessly, and the chairs did not need sashes or covers because they were so pretty.

The Venetian hour was also amazing, and I’d recommend springing for the extra bucks. They pull out all of the stops when it comes to the desserts. There is a cordial station, dessert wines, ice cream bar, chocolate fountain, pastries, cakes, and cookies – endless treats! One of the most surprising things actually happened after the wedding. When we went to our honeymoon suite, which by the way I was convinced would be a standard hotel room, I was blown away. We had a kitchen, dining room, living room, separate bedroom, and two bathrooms, one of which had a Jacuzzi tub. The room was lit with candles, and there were rose petals placed on the dressers. The dining room table not only had our meals wrapped and dessert, but we also received a gift bag. Inside the gift bag were 2 personalized pillow cases, and his and her pajamas. Truly above and beyond what was expected.

Overall I would HIGHLY recommend this venue, not only for the amazing food and pretty grounds, but also because of the service. One year later, we received a gift on our anniversary, with a note from the owners. This place really knows how to put on a party, and most of all, how to treat you like people vs. dollar signs. You will not be disappointed, and will likely be surprised at all you receive from this venue.”
– Wedding, September 2013

They made our day the greatest of our lives

“We worked with Sue from The Hilton on planning our wedding. Not only did she make this daunting task so much easier for us and less stressful, but she helped us with selecting vendors, gave her opinions on our ideas, and even helped us create our own meal when we asked about changing something small. On the actual day of our wedding, she went out of her way to stay by our side right up to the aisle. We had incredible service with our own personal attendant who kept checking up on us in case we needed anything. I have recommended The Hilton and Nicotra’s Ballroom to many of my friends already and had one of them select the location for her wedding this coming year. If you are looking for royal treatment and a true value for every dollar you spend, you should choose The Hilton. I believe when you are the paying customer you should be treated with a certain respect. I have never felt as valued as I did while planning our wedding. They were so accommodating to not only us but all of our guests, both the ones who were staying overnight and the ones who were just there for the wedding. Thank you to Sue and team! They made our day the greatest of our lives. We will cherish the memories forever.”
– Wedding, October 2013

Every Experience Was a Positive One

“My Fiancé and I, now my husband, wanted a small romantic wedding. We were delighted with Nicotra’s Gazebo. Our wedding turned out so lovely and the service was great. My guests were all very happy with how everything was presented and well-organized. We chose the Tea Room for our reception, which was a hit because of the unique scenery. I would recommend it to any bride. My husband and I loved it so; every experience was a positive one.”
– Wedding, October 2013

Nicotra’s Ballroom did an amazing job all around and I highly recommend them

“I am not one to write a review, so when I do, it’s a good one. Growing up I always loved this ballroom, so I knew I always wanted to have my reception here. After all, we all as little girls dream about our big day. When I got engaged I didn’t even want to come and look at this place because I didn’t think my budget could afford it. My mom thankfully made my fiancée and I take a look and meet with someone to discuss pricing. My Sales Rep, Jennifer, really worked with us and made us feel really comfortable in our budget. She was the most wonderful and caring sales representative I’ve met within the search for a venue, so based on that alone, I knew I was going to be taken care of by booking this place. I had the pleasure of having my ceremony in the Tea Room which was beautiful, and cocktail hour in Trevi Garden, and reception in the big ballroom. Pictures speak for themselves. We even got to see some deer through the windows behind the reception wall! I had a different Jennifer as my bridal attendant and she helped me with everything. Taking my shoes off, holding my bags, bringing me drinks and tissues; she even helped me go to the bathroom! SUCH A SWEETHEART! My maitre’d, Tom, was also a great right-hand man. The food was amazing! A lot of people told me to enjoy my wedding… and I did. I danced all night and still was able to sit down and eat my meal! Nicotra’s Ballroom did an amazing job all around and I highly recommend them.”
– Wedding, February 2014

A Gorgeous Venue, Amazing Service, Dynamite Food, Dynamic Service

“I had always heard great things about weddings at Nicotra’s Ballroom at the Hilton, and I knew that I wanted to get married locally. Needless to say, having our wedding here was an obvious choice. I have to say that I could not be any happier with our decision! Our Event Planner, Sue Vaiana, was incredible. Working with her was wonderful. She went over every detail and made sure we had the wedding of our dreams. A month later, our guests still rave about the food and the service. Jen, my bridal attendant, was so helpful and made sure everything went smoothly. Everyone at the Hilton is so friendly and delivers impeccable service. We stayed over in the bridal suite and were given our own personalized pajamas for the bride and groom! Brunch the next morning with some of our guests was great as well!

All in all, if you are looking for a gorgeous venue, amazing service, dynamite food, dynamic service, and just a wedding that you will remember for the rest of your life, Nicotra’s Ballroom at the Hilton is the way to go. Ask for Sue, you will not be disappointed!”
– Wedding, September 2014

We got so many phone calls afterwards expressing how much people loved EVERYTHING!

“I don’t even know where to start with Nicotra’s…the food is amazing, the chef can make whatever you want, most of our menu was custom made….mini Cuban sandwiches, empanadas, skirt steak, lamb, I could go on and on. The staff is ridiculous…you take a sip of water BOOM here comes someone to fill up your water glass, they keep an eye on everything, and there was not one hiccup or issue the entire night. The grounds offer so many photo options and are well taken care of. Liz, our bridal attendant was amazing, she made sure we ate, drank, she was even like a body guard at times making sure that we had time to take a breather and weren’t constantly stuck talking and not eating. She even set up our bridal suite room to something that you would see out of a movie…flower petals, candles lit everywhere, cookies! We got so many phone calls afterwards expressing how much people loved EVERYTHING! Lastly, none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for Sue, our event planner, I almost wish I could have married her (don’t tell my wife). She was so knowledgeable about vendors, steered us in the right direction with everything, knew when to push when she had to and is such a genuine person. No matter when you email her or call, she’ll be right there for you. To this day if I’m ever in Staten Island, I call/email Sue to see her and talk. Such a great place! Definitely check it out!!!
Did I mention how much I love Sue?”
– Wedding, Septermber 2014

Nicotra’s Ballroom is responsible for the best day of my life.

“Nicotra’s Ballroom is responsible for the best day of my life. Sue guided us through the entire process from start to finish —she answered all our questions quickly and professionally. Her team was incredible. I cannot express how happy I am that I went with Nicotra’s Ballroom over any other venue we could have booked. They made everything as easy as possible for us — they helped with the timing, the attendants helped us so much throughout the day with any tiny thing we could possibly want. Any need we had was before we even knew to ask for it. The food is incredible and you get incredible value for your money. The ceremony area is beautiful, our guests were never wanting for anything. The reception was off the charts and Sue worked with our DJ so that he knew when everything was happening and when to get things going and when to tone it down but people were jumping up and dancing the whole time.

The parisienne dessert display put all of our guests over the edge — they couldn’t believe there was even more and that everything was so artfully done — oh man, let me just say — chocolate FOUNTAIN!! Everything about the food was spectacular! None of our guests could possibly walk away from our wedding hungry no matter what their dietary restrictions were. As soon as the wedding ended, every guest I talked to, whether they were in their 20’s or their 60’s said it was the best wedding they had ever been to — I know I worked my butt off but I have to say that if it weren’t for Sue and her team, it would not have been even close to as awesome as it turned out to be because there was so much going on in the background that we didn’t have to worry about anything and the team made our wedding smooth as butter. I loved having our venue as part of the hotel where our guests stayed – the hotel room/restaurant/bar and the club were also incredible! I would recommend this place to anyone who asked!!! You will love it!!! You get everything you want in one place and you get incredible value for your money. Oh and everyone is so nice and professional – seriously – every single person you meet at Nicotra’s, the Hilton, and Above are SO nice to you. Also, the owners are incredible and very hands on – they take the time to make sure every detail is perfect and every guest is happy no matter what. Thank you so much for making me the happiest bride in the whole world! I wouldn’t change a single thing and I will go to Nicotra’s and Sue anytime I every have anything to plan again.”
– Wedding, October 2014

Everything Went Perfectly

“I had my ceremony and reception at The Hilton Garden Inn and everything was perfect. Jennifer Finch was my wedding coordinator and she was with us through every step of the planning process as well as my Bridal Attendant and Maitre’d. They were with me and my groom the whole wedding and made sure everything went perfectly – and it did. The food was delicious and the service was excellent and we had the luxury of family staying the night at the hotel with us and setting up a brunch the next day. I enjoyed spending the weekend there and the bridal suite was amazing! I would have every party here! The owner and his wife even came to our wedding and introduced themselves!”
– Wedding, October 2014